The Factory

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The Factory

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Combine quick reactions and a fast mind to juggle falling gears.

Right: change paddle number to the right
Fire: left_mouse
M: mute/unmute sound
Q: change quality
P: pause/resume
3: change paddle number to 5
1: change paddle number to 2
Esc: pause/resume
4: change paddle number to 7
2: change paddle number to 3
Left: change paddle number to the left
Movement: mouse

Bounce the gears with the help of the paddle. The paddle has 4 (prime) numbers on it, while the falling gears have numbers composed out of the ones on the paddle. If the number on the paddle divides the one on the gear, the gear gets smaller and you earn points. On the other hand, if the gear falls, you lose energy. Once the energy reaches 0, its Game Over. When a gear reaches 1, and thus cannot longer be divided, you can safely let it go.

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